What We Do

We work with clients in three ways:

Equity Management – Separately managed equity portfolio management. We actively manage a diversified portfolio of 35-50 holdings across market capitalizations. The approach utilizes in-house fundamental research and exhibits high active share. This strategy has been in place since 2010 and has provided attractive absolute and risk adjusted rates of return. We are either one of several managers within a client portfolio or, in many cases, we are the single core equity manager due to our broad equity market exposures.

Diversified Management – For clients who seek a more broadly diversified approach we structure custom portfolios utilizing a variety of equity and fixed income investments (taxable and tax-exempt). Clients may or may not employ the Alamar Capital equity strategy as part of this diversified approach. For exposure to non-Alamar equity, we may use ETF’s, mutual funds or separately managed accounts depending on size and complexity.

Investment Oversight – We offer general consulting services where we are able to provide overall investment monitoring and analysis for our clients. We provide oversight of accounts both under our direct control, as well as client’s outside investments. We aggregate client accounts (from multiple custodians) on one control panel using our portfolio management and reporting software. With all the outside accounts on our system, we can establish appropriate benchmarks, calculate performance, and analyze the overall asset allocation. With a high level of customization and transparency we can provide objective discussion and recommendations. We also have the capability to perform financial planning services and specialized project work as necessary (i.e. review private investments, real estate etc.).