Investment Philosophy

Alamar Capital Management strives to outperform the market on a risk adjusted and absolute basis over time. We believe the best way to do this is through a bottom up, long term, fundamental approach that identifies and invests in a broad range of companies in various industries across the overall economy.  We take a long term view and often hold companies in our portfolio for several years.

At Alamar we take a private equity approach to public security investing. With each individual security we purchase, we must first ask ourselves – Would we be willing, if given the chance, to buy the whole business? We answer this question by performing our own in house research, and not being reliant on outside sources, or typical Wall Street influences.

Our Equity strategy seeks to identify and invest in businesses that are undervalued, oftentimes, due to their underestimated long term growth prospects. Additionally, in isolated instances we will make opportunistic investments based on temporary market disruptions. Normally, an investment must meet at least two or more of the following criteria:  a Good Fundamental  Business, at an Attractive Valuation, with Solid Growth Prospects.

The goal of our Fixed income approach is to provide an attractive yield for portfolios through the ownership of bonds usually classified as less than investment grade. A typical bond in our portfolio would be of an issuer that has been taken private in a leveraged buyout. Oftentimes, we have been equity owners in the company before it was taken private and, as a result, are quite familiar with the business.